We are Experts in Automation and Digital Transformation

Our focus is to craft impactful business outcomes for our clients’ operations and scale agile capabilities through automation and digital transformation. Our purpose is to act as an agent of change in the way our clients deliver their digital products and services. We are here to #MakeEpicStuffHappen together.

Global Team of Experts

Projects delivered by our global team

Portugal, Chile, Peru and New Zealand

Born in Portugal with a global mind-set

Our Culture


At Ritain.io we work to guarantee that everyone stays positive, achieves their work-life balance and the desired flexibility, gaining experience to develop themselves as a person and as a professional.

1. We trust in our teams to get the job done.

2. We listen actively and provide mentorship.

3. We encourage everyone to keep learning, continuously.

4. We promote personal growth aligned with company growth.

5. We do not define or limit our people based on their actual skills.

Our Values


CVs don’t matter if one doesn’t have the correct attitude.


We take ownership of everything we do. 


We simplify things to make them lighter and easier.


Ritain.io Value Accountability



Ritain.io Value Trusts


Ritain.io Value Obsessed




We value open and cross-communication with every stakeholder.


Over our client’s project success. What is important to them is important to us.


Our purpose is the moral compass for any decision.

Hassle-free IT Transformation

Born and raised in the telecom / digital service providers world we are ready to support your business in the mission to upgrade the way you deliver your digital products and services to your customers. Our services can be applied to any industry or digital business:






This is the decade of digital transformation and automation

At Ritain.io we integrate open source and state of the art technology from the best cloud and automation providers to allow automation at scale. We will make innovation attainable and efficient for your agile teams and efforts through automation. This is our mission.

With deep expertise in modern and automated DevSecOps methodologies for a wide range of industries, our team has been helping enterprises around the world to have their business and value delivered in a more future-proof and agile way while upgrading the quality of their software.

Ritain.io team of experts works to deliver digital transformation to its clients

We value and invest in the people behind innovation. Come work with us.

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