zenPrice - A Competitive Intelligence Pricing Solution

Decisions on price strategies and product and service offers are no easy task. You probably have already experienced it yourself! Even more, if you are struggling on e-commerce channels with lots of competitors. Pricing needs to match your target market. Also, nowadays price updates happen at a pace probably higher than what you can handle, making you unaware of your Competitors’ activities.

Your price strategy needs an upgrade

Price tracking is essential in the design of price strategies and demands collecting a huge amount of data from websites and other sources. When done manually, this is a tedious and resource-consuming activity, prone to many errors. After collection, you still need to prepare your data for analysis and pattern learning to detect and recommend changes on your current pricing. When you are finally ready to make a decision, the market baseline has already changed. Again, your competitors are faster and more agile than you.

zenPrice, a solution developed by Ritain.io, enables you to make better and faster decisions on your products and services pricing. Your brand positioning regarding pricing will always be faithful to your defined strategy, e.g. to have the lowest price. Your customers will value your ability to deliver as promised and will become more loyal to your brand.

zenPrice uses real-time market data collection and analysis and AI/machine learning algorithms to provide competitive intelligence data and price recommendations that will allow your e-commerce business to be ahead of the competition. To know more about zenPrice features and how it can help your business gain agility, contact our team and schedule a demonstration.

Be a leader with zenPrice. Optimize your offer pricing and brand positioning in telecommunications products and services, starting today.

Written by: Nuno Sá Couto, CEO @ Ritain.io

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