The new partnership between and Palo Alto Networks offers new opportunities for Cloud-Native Security services for our client and partners companies on cloud resources they already have or will have.

By joining Palo Alto Networks through a partnership, thus reinforces its portfolio of cloud services. Now, besides offering migration, modernization, and infrastructure management over the public clouds of AWS, GCP and Azure, we can also offer cloud-native security services.

With this new partnership, we can now activate an additional layer of security, when moving more infrastructure and workloads to the cloud in our projects. This extra security layer can be characterized as intelligent, consistent, and continuously integrated throughout the development lifecycle and CI/CD pipelines. This also includes the ability to secure the new generation of cloud architectures, built on top of serverless functions and Kubernetes orchestration.

The combination of these two service offerings: adoption of cloud-native infrastructure and security, will allow us to improve the performance and resilience of our client’s business. Furthermore, having integrated solutions in a shift-security-left paradigm allows for the implementation of good security practices and policies where the cost of detecting and correcting problems is significantly lower. That is, at the moment when the software is being developed.

Nuno Sá Couto, Executive Director of, values ​​this new partnership with Palo Alto. He  states that:

 “We are pleased to announce our new Partnership with Westcon/Palo Alto Networks, recognized as one of the world leaders in the development of security solutions, including cloud-native security. With this addition to our portfolio, is in a unique position to provide professional services on cloud technology and support our customers to accelerate their journey of adoption of cloud-native services, due to the superior capacity that Palo Alto offers to overcome cloud security challenges”.

Among the various solutions, we highlight the Palo Alto Cloud Prism. Among other features, it allows adding security to modern software development paradigms, which are based on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles and templates to set-up infrastructure. Besides that, this solution frees DevSecOps teams from performing tasks such as detecting and fixing vulnerabilities in cloud resources.

By doing that, Palo Alto Cloud Prism ensures that these cloud resources are always aligned and complying with the defined compliance rules. This way the team can dedicate itself to other tasks of greater value and leave the repetitive work to the solution that can automate them and deliver value in each execution.



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